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Photography and shibari rigging are a couple of my hobbies. This site contains works of art that I have created with these hobbies. Some of this art contains nudity and shibari rigging that is NSFW.

I am proud of my art. I’m happy that most people who see it as well as the local and international artist communities like it too.

My first photoshoot was in the spring of 2010. I then entered and became a finalist in 2 juried art competitions, hosted by a prominent art gallery as their participation in the annual Houston Art Crawl in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, one of my works of art was awarded 4th place from among 383 pieces of art submitted by 86 different artists. The Houston Art Crawl is a 20 year old annual event that attracts public visitors to tour a group of art galleries that all open their doors for this event. During these exhibits, my art was seen by thousands of public visitors, as well as other artists.

In 2012, I was invited by a prominent gallery, one of the oldest and largest galleries in Houston, to co-curate and co-produce a shibari exhibit as part of that gallery’s participation in the Fotofest Biennial 2012. Fotofest Biennials attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to Houston. Together, we created the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit, which was the largest exhibit of Contemporary Shibari Art in the world. It featured 151 works of shibari art submitted by 17 international and world class shibari riggers and photographers. The exhibit was open to the public and on display from mid March to the end of May, 2012.

I have displayed my art in a gallery located in the Houston Galleria, which is a very large, fashionable and upscale mall. My art was presented for public display in that gallery from August 2012 through March 2013.

In late 2012, a young artist, in her early 20s, asked my permission to use one of my shibari photographs as inspiration for a painting. She used that photograph as inspiration to create a 4 foot by 5 foot oil painting. She subsequently entered that shibari based painting in 2 different juried competitions, and won First Place and Best in Show Awards in both competitions which were open to the public.

From time to time, I have also displayed my art in other venues, such as a restaurant, which also presents my art to its public patrons.

It saddens me when people disparage art that contains nudity or shibari rigging. Artists have been celebrating the god given beauty of the human form with nudity in their art for thousands of years. Scientists have found and dated a nude statue that is 35,000 years old. Even the ceiling of the world famous Sistine Chapel is filled with nudity. Artists have probably been celebrating the beauty of the naked human form since the beginning of mankind.

Shibari rigging is a traditional Japanese art form that is hundreds of years old. It includes the Japanese esthetic and gracefulness as it contrasts the lines and texture of rope against the smooth and beautiful lines of the human body.

There are different styles of shibari rigging. In my rigging, I use the rope to allow my models to create beautiful positions that they would not be able to create without the help of the rope. Much of my work is influenced by aerialists, acrobats, and performances by Cirque du Soleil. I like to refer to my shibari rigging style as a “Shibari Circus”.

I like the beautiful images with rope applied to the graceful lines of a female body. Photography is new technology following the centuries old tradition of artists painting shibari scenes. Shibari art requires additional skills beyond photographic skills. And, it requires the model to place a lot of trust in the rigger.

A very special bond develops between the model and photographer/rigger during and after a photoshoot. I like that. I am fortunate to have worked with beautiful and talented models, some of the nicest people in the world. I like that.

In all my participations in these art exhibits, my work has included nudity and shibari rigging. None of my works of art are sexually suggestive, nor do they contain BDSM positions, and they are not abusive nor degrading to any of my models. My shibari rigging is designed to allow my models to create graceful and beautiful positions they would not be able to create without the rope. I am happy and proud that both many, many members of the public as well as amateur and professional, local and international artists like it and appreciate it. My works of art have gained me respect both in the general public and among other artists. But, if you find this type of art objectionable, please move on, and don’t look at it. Understandably, not all art is appreciated by everyone.

I hope you like the art my models and I create.

Fall 2013